Princess Maxima of The Netherlands

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Princess Maxima of The Netherlands

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Princess Maxima of The Netherlands top celebrity news
Image by deVos Nominated by Dutch news site www.nu.nl for their picture of the month, see: www.nu.nl/rubriek.jsp?n=462005&c=700 Update: this photo was published in the "10 jaar Nu.nl" booklet (page 94)

Colorful Old Oil Barrels top celebrity news
Image by L.C.Nøttaasen Colorful Old Oil Barrels Used @: 1 Iran won’t benefit much from Venezuelan gasoline worldfocus.org/blog/2009/09/09/iran-wont-benefit-much-fro... 2 Iran won’t benefit much from Venezuelan gasoline www.heralddeparis.com/iran-won%e2%80%99t-benefit-much-fro... 3 Oil’s Part in the Financial Crisis www.rff.org/wv/archive/2009/10/20/oils-part-in-the-financ... 4 Tuesday's Reads www.rff.org/wv/archive/2009/11/10/tuesdays-reads-17.aspx 5 Interior Secretary Tells Big Oil â€" Public Lands are Not Your Candy Store twilightearth.com/energy/oil/interior-secretary-tells-big... 6 Want to Promote Oil and Gas Use? Hire an Environmentalist -- Like Big Oil Did industry.bnet.com/energy/10003292/want-a-powerful-pro-oil... 7 Big Oil Wreaks Havoc in the Amazon, But Communities Are Fighting Back www.alternet.org/world/145968/big_oil_wreaks_havoc_in_the... 8 Why Oil Prices Will Only Go Up, Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller, by Jeff Rubin internationaltradecommodities.suite101.com/article.cfm/wh... 9 Another Good Reason to Cut Oil Use motherjones.com/blue-marble/2010/04/another-good-reason-c... 10 A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash documentaryfilms.suite101.com/article.cfm/a-crude-awakeni... 11 Why Peru's Rainforest Is About to Be Decimated While Across the Border Celebrities Rally to Save Ecuador's Rainforest www.alternet.org/world/146764/why_peru's_rainforest_is_ab... 12 Report Feature: Oil Sands Media Monitor portalfornorthamerica.org/spotlight/2010/05/report-featur... 13 A Thousand Barrels a Second, by Peter Tertzakian sciencetechbooks.suite101.com/article.cfm/a-thousand-barr... 14 Why Peru's Rainforest Is About to Be Decimated While Across the Border Celebrities Rally to Save Ecuador's Rainforest btragert.blogspot.com/2010/05/why-perus-rainforest-is-abo... 15 blog.hmns.org/?p=6761 16 EIA Annual Energy Outlook: Where, Exactly, is the Oil Coming From? www.rff.org/wv/archive/2010/06/02/eia-annual-energy-outlo... 17 The Road To Hell In Defense Procurement Reform Is Paved With Good Intentions industry.bnet.com/government/10006377/road-to-hell-in-def... 18 So Much for Market Mechanisms www.progressivefix.com/so-much-for-market-mechanisms 19 Crude Oil, Contango and Roll Yield for Commodity Trading www.automated-trading-system.com/crude-oil-contango-and-r... 20 Deepwater ourdhstreets.blogspot.com/2010/05/deepwater.html 21 Oil prices continue declines envirotell.com/oilnews/580-oil-prices-continue-declines 22 North Sea still has oil to yield solarpanelquoter.blogspot.com/2010/07/north-sea-still-has... 23 Olie expert overleden na kritische interviews www.argusoog.org/2010/08/olie-expert-overleden-na-kritisc... 24 Check out these commodities trading images: commoditiestradingblog.com/2010/08/colorful-old-oil-barrels/ 25 Crude oil trading www.selkblog.com/crude-oil-trading-2/ 26 Oil Sands Project Coming To Utah outside-blog.away.com/blog/2010/09/oil-sands-project-comi... 27 U.S. Military Must End Oil Dependence Within 30 Years, Report Says blog.cleantechies.com/2010/09/29/u-s-military-must-end-oi... 28 Die Entwicklung des Ölpreises in den letzten zehn Jahren forex-aktuell.de/die-entwicklung-des-oelpreises-in-den-le... 29 A Few of the Substantial Benefits of Automated Forex Day Trading forextrading-systems.org/automated-forex/a-few-of-the-sub... 30 Forex Expert Advisor Forum â€" Forex Expert Advisors That Work homecareersystem.com/tag/work 31 Forex Market Charts â€" The Importance of Studying a Forex Chart www.for-investor.com/forex-market-charts-the-importance-o... 32 Suffle effect wonderfl.net/c/e0ik 33 Biotechnology Helps Clean Oil www.biotech-weblog.com/39444424/biotechnology_helps_clean... 34 Potential Drawbacks On Oil ETF www.etf-weblog.com/35666489/potential_drawbacks_on_oil_et... 35 Le pic pétrolier ? qu'est ce que c'est ? www.rfi.fr/emission/20101219-1-le-pic-petrolier-est-depas... 36 Automated Forex Trading: The Easy Way To Make Money With Currency Trading? www.robotstradingtheforex.com/automated-forex-trading/aut... 37 What should we do about Iran’s nuclear issue? iranians.tk/iranian/what-should-we-do-about-irans-nuclear... 38 Is an alliance of Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba too strong for the US to defeat? iranians.tk/iranian/is-an-alliance-of-russia-china-venezu... 39 1 - Le pic pétrolier ? qu'est ce que c'est ? www.rfi.fr/emission/20101219-1-le-pic-petrolier-est-depas... 40 Crude Calculation - The Continued Lack of Transparency Over Oil in Sudan sustainablesecurity.org/resources/crude-calculation-conti... 41 Gasoline prices are rising www.publiccitizenenergy.org/tag/gasoline-prices/ 42 Scottsdale Artificial Grass â€" The Benefits of Artificial Grass www.frugalfanny.ca/tag/scottsdale/ 43 Russia Wants Gas From 3rd EU Package www.azglasuvamzaevropa.eu/25338561/russia_wants_gas_from_... 44 Gas mileage conversion chart: Canada & USA www.cgwerks.com/steveblog/2011/02/01/gas-mileage-conversi... 45 As oil prices rises.. www.energyvox.org/2011/01/04/as-oil-prices-rise-beware-fa... 46 Why Crude Prices Haven’t Spiked Over “Peak Oil” Concerns in Saudi Arabia www.bnet.com/blog/clean-energy/why-crude-prices-haven-821... 47 Forte hausse du pétrole à Wall Street face à la situation en Lybie www.france-amerique.com/articles/2011/02/22/forte_hausse_... 48 Farewell, #6! (Hello, Bioheating Fuel) blog.urbangreencouncil.org/2011/02/farewell-6-hello-biohe... 49 Pétrole cher : qui va régler la douloureuse ? www.terra-economica.info/Petrole-cher-qui-va-regler-la,16... 50 Airline profits hit by high oil prices, rise in fares possible www.gadling.com/2011/03/02/airline-profits-hit-by-high-oi... 51 Oil Prices Top 6 Per Barrel inhabitat.com/oil-prices-top-106-per-barrel-as-crisis-fla... 52 Social Media for Oil and Gas Companies www.sbkelsick.com/2011/03/01/quickinar-social-media-for-o... 53 Spiraling Oil Prices Will Raise Airfares Further www.wandalust.com/47696650/spiraling_oil_prices_will_rais... 54 Hello, Washington: Anyone There? www.thehavananote.com/2011/04/hello_washington_anyone_the... 55 Will it take eight years to find out the role the oil companies played in the war in libya fdlaction.firedoglake.com/2011/04/20/will-it-also-take-ei... 56 High Gas Prices Expected calgaryrealestate.ca/2011/05/high-gas-prices-expected/ 57 Saudi Prince Worries We Might Find Alternatives to Oil www.treehugger.com/files/2011/05/saudi-prince-worries-we-... 58 18 Mrd. Dollar für iranische Öl- und Gasförderung www.iran-plus.de/news/18-mrd-dollar-fur-iranische-ol-und-... 59 Unseemly Scrabble for Libya's Post-Gaddafi Oil Assets Underway www.distressedvolatility.com/2011/09/unseemly-scrabble-fo... 60 BP And the Deepwater Horizon Disaster-US Federal Report www.trcbnews.com/bp-and-the-deepwater-horizon-disaster-us... 61 Politically speaking, can all parties agree that we need to…? bestalternativeenergysource.com/politically-speaking-can-... 62 How China Has Benefited From America’s Hostility to Iran www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/how_china_has_benefi...